A downloadable game for Android

Here is our entry for the Godot Wild Jam Number 5

The theme we chose was ONE CONTROLLER

Godot Version : 3.0

A Space Bear hungry for golden salmon has to find its way to them avoiding the asteroids as they fly around.

Gameplay:  Move the pointer out of the main circle towards the direction you want to move, and to change it you will have to go back to the inner circle and repeat.

(Watch gamplay video if confused)

The team was composed by a Programmer, an Artist and a Musician

Install instructions

Sadly we forgot to build it tin PC versions so we only have it for android users only for now. You will have to accept unknown sources to install it and no this isn't a virus, just a pretty game.


GodotWildJam5-BearlyFlying.apk 23 MB

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